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All services
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AromaTouch Technique

AromaTouch Technique

The AromaTouch Technique is a repetitive and relaxing essential oil application procedure combining a light and …




During a Reiki treatment, universal (Rei) energy (Ki) is channeled through light touch or placement of hands just …

Reiki Training - all levels

Prices vary between £50 - £125 to become a Reiki Practitioner depending on which level you are taking. 

Card Readings

Angel Card Reading

Working with an oracle pack is a loving and beautiful way to connect and receive guidance from the Divine. 

Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reading

As a Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, my mission is to create a safe space within which you have the opportunity to …


Bespoke service

Chakra Balancing

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language, and it means “wheel” or “vortex.” It refers to the seven major …

Personalised appointments

Prices start from £45 for an appointment that is tailor made for your needs by combining elements of the other …

DōTERRA oils

DōTERRA Wellness Advocate

Ask me if you’d like to learn about the benefits of essential oils and other DōTERRA products to proactively create …

About Me

About Esther

Writing something about myself is hard. What do you start with?

I am a woman and a mum, to an utterly awesome autistic son (pictured in the gallery) and I am lucky enough to share this journey with an equally awesome husband.

I’ve worked in retail in jobs I have enjoyed and found fulfilling. But there came a time when work and home life were no longer compatible and that meant giving up part of what defined me, being of service to others. I knew I needed to be there for the fun and the demands of family life, I also needed people and the level of fulfilment working gives me and, of course, I needed income. But how? The only answer was to become self employed. But what?

I started reading Angel Cards over a decade ago after being introduced to them by a beautiful soul who was called Valery, a friendship that started me on my Spiritual Path. This path of self discovery also lead me to receive my Reiki 1 attunement in 2008 meaning I could self heal and practice on my friends, family and pets. My Reiki 2 attunement (meaning I could treat anyone) came about a decade later, followed by Reiki 3 towards the end of 2020 making me a Reiki Master meaning I can now teach and attune others. 

Since around the birth of my son we’ve been aware of clean living and try to be as natural as we can. I was introduced to DōTERRA essential oils by my beautiful sister and was an instant addict. I became an Advocate to get the best prices and when I had the opportunity to train in the AromaTouch Technique I jumped at the chance. 

I launched Essential Energies in October 2020. Despite lockdowns and ups and downs business is growing steadily. Yet again I am blessed with a job I love.

The Chalet

Our Garden Chalet was my husband’s concept for a place to hang out and to work out. He built it at the beginning of 2019 and frankly, it saved us during lockdown. We are incredibly grateful for it.

When I began Essential Energies, my husband offered to share the chalet and now I am able to offer a private, safe, warm and welcoming space to my clients. I book my appointments so clients do not overlap and have to share space with each other. This also gives me time to sanitise my equipment and swap over blankets and towels where necessary (which are washed each time). And just FYI I am double jabbed.

If you are close enough to my Poole based business to come and see me face to face there is always curb side parking available and clients access my back garden through the garden gate and not through the house. However, because the chalet is in the back garden there is no wheelchair access. If you are not able to come to see me face to face please know that I also offer virtual appointments for Card Readings and Reiki via video call. I can offer morning, afternoon or evening appointments.

However we connect I will hold a lovely space for you to ‘get away from it all’ with affordable therapies that will help to heal and replenish you. 

**Please do not attend your appointment if

  • you have any COVID symptoms
  • you, or someone you have been in contact with, has tested positive for COVID-19**

Healing with Essential Energies

We live in a world that needs healing. As individuals we’ve never needed healing as much as we do now, to be refuelled with love and be brought back to ourselves. We live disconnected, busy lives where we are constantly reminded to ‘fill our cups’ and that self-care is essential. And it is true, ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup’.

So that we may fix our broken world we need to replenish ourselves and be healed, remembering who we are and how to love. Complementary therapies are a wonderful way to do this. They are designed to promote homeostasis and relaxation, reduce stress and support overall wellbeing. My mission at Essential Energies by Esther is to heal the world one treatment at a time.

Based in Poole, I offer affordable therapies to start your journey to being your best self once again. Book an appointment with me today on +447740859824. 


I had a distance reiki session with Esther and loved every minute! 

It was a calming and grounding experience and I felt Esthers passion as she explained the cards and their links to my chakras. 


Kerry, Weymouth

Upon arrival you will be led to Esthers beautiful  treatment room In her garden cabin  & given time to make yourself comfortable (or have in the luxury of your own home). You will begin your ...

Louise D, Broadstone

I had the most amazing treatment with Esther today, the aroma touch.

Esther told me I would feel balanced & clear minded afterwards. 

I’d had a horrid weekend thinking too much and worrying too ...

Debi, Bournemouth


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Curb side parking
Payment by cash, cheque or BACS
Private Garden Cabin

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